Rope and tea. 

I had a lovely day with Sarahblueberry  which ended with her in my rope (of course). I was practicing the Prayer Hands Tie created by LunaticBound which is my new favorite chest tie. She seems to enjoy it! 
Stunning jue rope provided by SenBound. 


 It had been awhile since I had tried microbondage so I did a combo with torture rope (because i’m really mean to myself apparently). I must admit, i almost cut myself out of this tie!  


I learned a new hojo tie at an intensive taught by Fred_rx and unfortunately have no one a practice on. This is a modified version on my legs. I definitely didn’t want to forget it!  


New hip harness! 

Here is a close up of the hip harness taught at Aeolis_Est’s rope intensive. It’s unusual as far as hip harnesses go because it begins at the thigh. I like it a lot!

Favorite panties.

I put on my favorite panties today and felt sexy which inspired this tie. I’ve been enjoying crotch rope lately!

Happy Holidays! 

A little late but here are some holiday themed self-ties for you!

         Stunningly green jute provided by Omega Jute. Red hemp provided by Twisted Monk. Ribbon provided by the dollar store!

Rope Intensive with Aeolis_Est

My good friend and frequent rope bottom (Blueberry) invited me to attend day 2 of a rope intensive with Aeolis_Est. I’m really glad I went because we have a great time together and the class was awesome! I learned a new hip harness (in use in the pictures) as well as more subtle techniques such as the toe and head rope, torquing, line management, and lifts. Blueberry did a fantastic job and makes my rope look damn good!

    Jute rope provided by SenBound.